Jan 4

RT @jlapoutre: So… just created my first #Aurasma kernel app for Android, very cool stuff indeed!

Dec 31

RT @hollandizzle: .@skyhd and @aurasma continue to bring print advertising to life through mobile devices with Treasure Island campaign …

Dec 29

RT @EINZLGANGRMUSIC: Cool. A growing audience :) RT @aurasma: #Aurasma - no1 free app in Dutch App Store this Christmas!

Dec 25

RT @remcovrOOm: #Aurasma lights up Dutch newspaper ‘De Telegraaf’ with #augmentedreality. [Blogpost]

Dec 24

RT @TABworldmedia: RT @remcovrOOm: #Aurasma lights up Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf with #augmentedreality

Dec 22

RT @LuxuryDaily: Net-A-Porter builds hype for Karl Lagerfeld collection with mobile gaming, social app:

Dec 21

RT @AugmentedAdvert: I VOTED for @aurasma !
To vote, simply click the following link and select Aurasma:

Dec 20

RT @stidnam: Have you voted in the Mobile Apps Showdown? I voted for @aurasma

Dec 19

RT @TABworldmedia: is an advanced content creation partner of #aurasma base in Amsterdam

Dec 18

RT @wendyterbekke: Grappig! Advertentie Beetle van de 21e eeuw komt tot leven met gratis app Aurasma.

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